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Thus ends the world which is the sixth season of Dexter, with a chapter much more in line with the history of the series than its predecessors, but that leaves us, at least to me, with a bitter taste in the mouth. The sixth has been a season of contrasts, possibly to say anything, but at least reflecting what has lived in the comments of each of the reviews from this year. I ranked with those who have picked up the stick and have taken to the streets to ask for Justice and honor for the series, with the most radical, but now that everything is over I think we all at the same point, that we all want a brilliant seventh season. That is what we ask to 2012. And this is what he proposes the spectacular end of season. You should really watch Dexter online for more details.

Generally speaking, the sixth seems a bad season. Which means that it is much better than 60% of the series on the air, but is not at the height of what has been and what may be the jewel in the Crown of Showtime. This series is failure of script and characters including poor backgrounds and scenes. If to this we add the usual problem with secondary, the abuse of the voice in off and unchanging tendency of the writers, we have a season well below their potential. And we must not forget, because the series has played to that of the fiasco that led to the discovery that Gellar was dead. Not only because the scene was anticlimactic and shameful for the importance that she herself had given, but because it was highly predictable. It was like playing a game of poker with the uncovered letters. Interest zero. Of course that all these statements will find response in the comments (I hope that educated) among those who have not seen gaps anywhere, confirming that it is a season of contrasts.

Some will be supported in the last chapter to confirm that the series has closed the circle and opens a door to a new stage. And they will be right. But others continue to thinking that the sixth season has been a waste of time and only ten seconds are more developed than at the end of the previous one. And I do not think that no one can take away the reason. Why, because we will not reach an agreement, because it has been a year of extremes and because I'd like to see the glass half full view to the seventh season, the last review of the year will bring a positive point of the chapter for each negative point. I cannot assure you make extensible some claims to the whole of the sixth season. Such that well...

I have like that watch Dexter has strengthened as the series more movement generated in IMDB, with hundreds of comments for review. That only does things that matter to you. We are on one side or the other; no one can deny that Dexter is in the hearts of all. To some he has broken, others are still in love.

No me has liked the reviews have taken so long to appear. It has hindered the debate and demonstrated little commitment to the series. Wait... If I do the reviews! Damn is. I'll have to take to apologize for the delays, that I demand to the series to motivate me to see chapter the Monday... before that Homeland again. Yeah, I think that I am not the only one who has preferred to see Claire Danes before to Michael C. Hall this year, a situation unthinkable in recent seasons.

Without doubt, the actor who has excelled this season is Michael C. Hall. This has contributed the growth of your character, the more benefit of this uneven season.
In the series Debra is also great. I think a cumbersome mechanism for the writers to give more packaging and climate to the final scene. It was not necessary. Is less shocking scene if you're not in love with him? By God, if you have six seasons waiting for that moment! No, no and no.

Everyone has also liked the unexpected appearance of Brother Sam. For a moment, we think that Dexter could redeem himself through faith. For a moment, Sam made us believe that it could submit one alternative to the tragic end to all predicted for Dexter. For a moment, we believed that Dexter could have a friend of truth.

It is no accident that the season begins to twist from his farewell. Sat bases around religion, Dexter began to consider the role that could be played Dios in his life and in the end all that was blurring until losing sight of it. Now you should stream Dexter online for free to enjoy the episodes of this season.

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