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A pity is having to read news about cancellations of series, but fortunately there are others that are protagonists of the day by having confirmed its official date of return, and the television network Showtime has confirmed those of four of them, let's review below.

The first episodes of the new season two of them will be issued in the United States July 1: it is Weeds, which will start its eighth season, and Episodes, which you can see below and will start its second season. Weeds are a comedy that shows a mother's family, recent widow who decides to sell cannabis to carry forward his family, but the thing is messing increasingly.

Episodes are less known, because at the end after it is new, and currently has had a season 7 episodes. Starring Matt LeBlanc (the unforgettable Tribbiani Joey of Friends), which makes itself, it tells the story of a marriage of British writers that he has won a BAFTA for a sitcom, but to take her to the United States to repeat his success he is forced to hire Matt LeBlanc, which ends in disaster. The second season will have 9 episodes.

The other two series, Dexter and Homeland, does not need presentation, and again overnight on Sunday after September 30, Dexter with its seventh season (which will apparently be the penultimate) and Homeland, sensation of the season for the awards has been achieved in the Golden Globes and the Writers Guild of America Awards, with the second.

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