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I've been a time thinking what happens to me. Why five years I've wanted to come the day of the premiere of the corresponding season of Dexter and, instead, this year I have spent far more unnoticed. And I do not know what, honestly. It may be my fault, that I am older and lose enthusiasm. Or can (and I say may) be blamed for the series, which has undergone wear from the beginning and already does not transmit such originality and that freshness that make it so attractive. Some will say that the fault lies with the fifth season, much weaker than the fourth. And others bet the logical option, which said that there was no cliffhanger last year, but a clean slate and has new much more commercial than consistent with the plot. This is a very personal view of the situation, why Dexter clear marked the best premiere of its history with 2.2 million viewers on average, which is also the best chain in the past fourteen years. It does not surprise me. Still emerging me any other doubt, I can more than pay me to the evidence that Dexter is one of the best series that can be seen today in television. We discussed this Those Kinds of Things?

As President of the Dexter fan club I don't want to alarm staff with my pessimistic presentation. I would hand in the fire to Those Kinds of Things is better episode than 95% of the premieres of this season, and that I have not seen them all. Only after five years expect a change of direction nothing has occurred in sixth season. We could assume this out of the most important events of the fifth, which in the end only served to pass the draft through the slate and start from scratch. Honestly, I think that the series has lost the opportunity to take a radical turn when Deb not discovered to Dexter in the famous and controversial scene last year. We would now have a completely new scenario, Dexter in the more serious predicament of his life and the secondary entertained on an important issue. It is also a pity that the seasons work as separate structures. Perhaps there escape part of my dreams, in that provision so limited of frames to 13 episodes of each season. In any case, enough cries, Those Kinds of Things is Dexter in its purest form.

My demands of evolution towards the series and the characters fade when I see Dexter in action, calling for an ambulance because it just is stabbed, making newsprint of his life and surprising me with an attack on the ambulance drivers. There I forget what happened the previous year, Lumen (Rita's not) and even shirts Masuka. And I focus on enjoy this macabre ritual that makes the dark passenger and I never tire of seeing. I believe that this year's debate will have two clear camps: those who want that history evolves, no matter where; and those who are happy to return to see the Dexter of the first season, the ruthless murderer. I don't know which side am, possibly more than the first, but meanwhile nobody is going to deprive of enjoy bloodletting ahead of us this year, with a free and risen Dexter for action. Could it be that I prefer the status quo? Well it can be decided only after watching dexter online season 6.

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