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There are many ways to kill a number, but the most painful is certainly involving exploit the goose to continue giving golden eggs until give not more than itself. Showtime announced a few days ago, through its President David Nevins, who two seasons of stream Dexter online renewal does not mean in any case that has marked an end to the series. "It may be an end, but leave the option open for changes." Dexter has generated doubts after a relatively poor season, but the series not only is has not suffered at the level of audience, it follows with this upward trend which makes it one of the most profitable products in the chain.

That is why one of its Executive producers, Manny Coto, in line with the Showtime President, has opened the door to the possibility that Dexter will jump to the cinema after the eighth season: "now not we are thinking in the end." Somehow, every season is a kind of conclusion for us. "This season could have meant an end to Dexter, paving the way for films, for example". And although Coto is quick to stress that it is only speculating, nobody is aware that if the chicken still in full form, it will not stop laying golden eggs, in the cinema or on television. "Not mentioned anything about." "We leave the door open because at the end of the road there may be a film". Coto knows of what he speaks. Executive producer was for four seasons of the series 24, which in April will begin filming a movie scheduled for 2013. If Jack Bauer survived eight seasons and you still have a desire to save the world, I do not see why Dexter would tire of killing after the eighth. Clear that comes into conflict with the idea that many had head (also his writers sure) that, for better or for worse, the end of the most beloved serial killer of America would come at the end of the eighth season. And, if you will allow me, I think that it also calls into question the quality of a product that deserves a finale consistent with its history and the reality of the main character, beyond of the profitability of the series. You can die of success. I hope that it will not happen you to our beloved Dexter online streaming, if it is not already too late

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