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Beauty and the beast is a traditional fairy tale who was born in France in late 18th century and which has been made many adaptations, the most famous being the 1991 Disney movie. I explain this, basically, because if I had to define the series of Dexter somehow, the last words used would be "fairy tale". The series is approaching the equator of his fifth season with an episode which deals with confidence and a message: even if you are the beast of the story, there is always a beautiful created in you.

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One hardly recognizes it. Even explain it. But our passion for Dexter Morgan would be impossible to justify in a world that wasn't fictional. I don't want to lose sight of, and I think this episode helps us to do so, the vigilante Dexter does not stop being a voracious serial killer who, when his dark passenger calls, only responds to its own code. That code is not a classic serial killer, but it is created from ethical values, which imposed Harry when he discovered what was made clear his son. Dexter is the beast of the tale. And will have to demonstrate to Lumen, Bella this fable, that under this fearsome casing, that dark to be able to design the perfect scene of the crime and run their prey with a smile on his face, hides a man that respects (say "love" is bold) to good people.

Dexter struggles during the chapter against the idea of having to kill Lumen, the path proposed by his conscience (Harry). But from the first scene shows its determination to reject her: at the table where just kill Boyd; Dexter heals the wounds of Lumen. Is trafficking in a scene terribly metaphorical, as Dex gives life in the place where usually the removes, with laminated room and knives by hand. It is very possible that Lumen is the first person that passes through that situation and not just a bag of plastic at the bottom of the sea. I do not know you, but I breathed some sense of change in the environment. And that only responds to the desire of Dexter being understood.

By regards to Lumen, their reaction only responds to an element: fear. The girl just sees Dexter with the face of loco stabbing Boyd, so you think (rightly) that she will be as follows. And he is suspicious of all the close-ups of her captor. This struggle of Dexter to win his confidence during the episode won't only theoretical, because that Lumen will try to escape on several occasions, with the consequent physical confrontation between the two. In one of these fights, Lumen manages to reach a road to ask for help. There it intersects with a group of young men offered to take her car. Although the intentions of the guys seemed not too good, I believe that I have not been the only one who has noticed that Lumen was a severe personal problem. By that situation, how he reacts when Dexter tends him hand and by the letter sent her mother, in which we find out that he has escaped from home. In the notes that I do while I see the chapter, and that then help me to draw up this review, had written the following: raped woman? So don't forget to watch dexter series.

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