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Why do I always leave the intro of Dexter? Look at times, I have watched at least 36, but never get tired. That tune, the routine of Dexter, that pristine white shirt, that hyper caloric breakfast and all these tracks that we are dealing with a serial killer preparing to leave with… work, or to kill, or to enjoy, which is often the same. Dexter returned yesterday to Showtime with the episode Living the Dream (4 × 01), which presents the new life of Mr. Morgan, increasingly more parent, less killer. Is it possible to combine a very dark hobby something so intriguing and problematic as a baby? The first impression is clear: no. But this has not done more than you start...

It is now the review! Apologies for my initial doubts, I was wrong. Capitulazo!

Episode 4 × 01 Living the Dream
Date of issue: September 28

What kind of father I will be? And after all, I am a serial killer.

The first sentence introduces the main theme of the fourth season. Dexter questions his abilities as father, although possibly the only ground that is an exemplary human being. Mr Morgan loves to Harrison, a baby who, like his father, often spend evenings in sailing, although for different reasons. The first scene of Living the Dream is simply brutal, in all its meanings. On the one hand we watch  Dexter in the car by saying the mythical tonight is the night that precedes its bloodiest nights, but this time tonight is the night to sleep.

At the same time we know the character of John Lithgow, who we later baptized as Trinity Killer, the killer second protagonist of this season. The Trinity Killer, as Dexter, is a ritual to kill their victims passes to cut off the femoral while are nude in the bathtub. Then take a hand mirror to see them die. An orgy of blood or, as you will tell Masuka pulling black humor, a blood bath, a blood bath. In the first five minutes we met two murderers, one who kills and one that spends most of his spare time to his family and to his newborn son. The result, explained brilliantly, is this:

Great, right? I also think so. Dexter is supposedly living the American dream: House with pool in a residential neighborhood, car, three sons and a blond woman. Just the dog. The problem is that Astor has entered the stage teenager repellent (they are synonyms), the baby doesn't sleep for three months and Dexter may not carry out his great passion: fishing, assassins, abusers and other waste. Which Yes live a dream is Debra, who has moved with Anton, they have no children and enjoying his youth, meaning to be long in bed without sleeping. Living the real dream, I would say. By the way, Debra and Anton are so well that, knowing the past Miss Morgan, you are convinced that something is going to twist. And we are not going badly designed.

Confirmation that Dexter is overtaken by events is found in the scene of the trial, in which our protagonist confuses the accused, a killer perpetrator being waged in the prison. This originates two consequences, one negative and one positive: 1), Quinn is angry a lot with Dexter and threatens to keep track of for a few months, style Doakes in the second season; (2) the history of Benito Gómez, the murderer released in the trial, falling into the hands of Dexter. There is no evil that good doesn't come. Where Justice fails, there is the vigilante Morgan.

In any case, it gives the feeling that the central theme of the fourth season will be the pursuit of Dexter to the Trinity Killer. For starters, Dexter takes over the scene of the crime of the Trinity, seconds before it reaches the undoing of Debra: special agent Lundy. Frank is back! He is retired. And as any police, you have a case unsolved history that consumes him inside. The Lundy seems to be the same deal with the time of Dexter in the coming days: Trinity Killer. This exciting character follows a pattern in their wild murders, which are repeated cyclically. And it has now come to Miami to close the circle. Lundy has returned to the city to prevent a new homicide and wants to count with the help of Dexter, a harmless blood analyst and family guy.

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