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A historical fact in the world of the series can be for the first time in four years. With a little luck, this year will agree Dexter and Breaking Bad emissions which, as you all know, are the two best series that has American television (and do not intend to discuss). So far, one was broadcast in March and the other in September/October, so there was no risk of collision. But the delay of Walter White to the month of July will be his end of season getting in early October, more or less the planned date for the premiere of Dexter. For one day, on a Sunday, the Yankee television will be heaven. And now we are going to slaughter, which means revising a juicy Entertainment Weekly interview with Scott Buck, executive producer and runner of the third season, which has left us several important clues to get an idea of its structure. Do you come? Yes, of course, contains minor spoilers…

In a new humanitarian mission, IMDB rewards your audience with the translation and summary of the interview, so nobody is tired at this holiday time. Scott Buck speaks:
We will watch a Dexter that he tries to find himself. It has always been known, for example, which does not want to convey to Harrison - his dark passenger - but now asks what is what you want to convey. Will not see the lost Dexter from last season, but one much more sure of himself. In that it will influence that it has spent an entire year since the end of the fifth and the escape of Lumen. It will be a mature and centered, Dexter with an orderly life. And also an evolution of serial killer of recent seasons, much more similar to the first. Edward James Olmos will be a religious leader, Professor Gellar, who will be involved in a series of crimes that occur in Miami. He is not specified if it's the author, an accomplice or a victim. These crimes will have a reason why Dexter is interested, although they will be much more wild and indiscriminate than ever. The character that plays Colin Hanks, Travis Marshall, will be an acquaintance of Professor Gellar. They will work together.

Gellar is a guy with great charisma and Travis will be love with personality. Although it is not a bad person, Travis is willing to do things you don't want to. With regard to the character of Mos Def, Brother Sam, is an ex-convict who found God when he was in jail. Now you have a store that hires people who have gone through prison and seek rehabilitation. Jamie (Aimee Garcia) is the sister of Angel Batista the new nanny for Harrison. We said goodbye to definitely the actress Maria Doyle Kennedy, missed last season and decided to go in search of new professional challenges. Jamie will introduce joy, humor and a bit of chaos in the life of Dexter. More new characters: Mike Anderson, played by Billy Brown, a hard detective from Chicago that does not fit too well in the Department and who survives because he is very good at his job; Molly Parker gets on the skin of Lisa Marshall, the older sister of Travis. She helped raise him, so he protects it in everything he can; Josh Cooke (Better With You) will be recurring as Louis Greene, the new co-worker of Masuka in the laboratory. It is not clear whether there will be a single serial killer this season or more. That Yes, the series will look like much more to the first season than the fifth. Good news. It is possible that we recover some loose from previous seasons, as the mystery around Kyle Butler or the son of the Trinity Killer. Debra and Quinn will be living together when you start the third season, but will not be a very positive year for Quinn. That is grip strong police, because come for him dangerous curves. So far as Debra, their love interests will no longer be so important. It will be more focused at work, where will undergo important changes. In the first scene of the season we will watch Dexter in danger, in a situation in which not so we had ever seen.

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