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When you will watch dexter season 2 you will see that it is also a great season like others. And others still costing them understand that a serial killer can win the love of so many people. And not only has the audience responded every year before Dexter, the relentless murderer of Showtime, but that the official website of the series on Facebook has reached this week the nine millions of fans. Nine million people understand and enjoy the exploits of this peculiar modern hero. And nine million people are eager to get the season once. For these nine millions of fans I have several details of the next (photos, casting news, light spoilers), season I detail as always after the jump. Now, I say unto you that you as a specifically nine million people in this news, tomorrow I'm going to go on vacation... We will begin with a harmless subject, provided that you do not talk about Lost: titles of chapters. The first five of the second, already have names. And one of them (2 × 03) promises to resurrect precisely one of the most exciting (and unexplained) phenomena of the island series. Let's see them: In this 2 × 03 or 2 × 04 debut the actress Mariana Klaveno, Lorraine Ball in True Blood, portraying the Professor of the University of Florida Calissa Morris. It will be a recurring character.

 Executive producer Sara Colleton has confirmed to TV Guide that the second season will start a year after the events that closed the previous season, on the birthday of Harrison. Colleton believes that a year is enough time for Dexter to understand the progress of Lumen and bested the unforgettable Rita's death. "When the season starts, we will find Dexter in a very positive moment in his life." It is as if he had become the Dexter who know and want. "And still wants to play," admits Colleton. Obviously in this ellipsis will happened to which we will refer. Harrison is 2 years old and must go to school, for example. "He has begun to think about his son and is aware to not transmit him according to what things, as his dark passenger, but he has no idea of what do you want to give". The second season also has left us Brea Grant details in an interview with Shockya.

The actress, who played Daphne Millbrook in Heroes, consigned to the skin of Ryan Chambers, the ideal companion of Masuka in the laboratory. Grant has confirmed that it will be released in three episodes, which already was a fan of the series before forming part thereof, that the series will return to move in that grey area in its second season and to, in contrast to what he has played in other series, in Dexter will interpret a sexy woman, intelligent and dark. To finish this post by varieties, I leave you with the first two images of the second season. The first featured actor Mos Def, he will be the father Sam, an ex-convict who says having found God. And the second appears a corpse full of creatures or with sewn stomach; I cannot conceive a verso, along with our favorite blood analyst. Nine million people are not wrong.

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