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They say the bad relationship between George Peppard (Hannibal) and Mr. T (M.A. Baracus) was on the verge of you fly through the air the A-team van. Anyone, would have killed because there not be dying or old, but this conflict we could have deprived of a mythical series. Also struck was the confrontation between Isaiah Washington (Dr. Preston Burke) and T. r. Knight (Dr. George O'Malley) in Grey's anatomy. Apparently, Washington did not like too that Knight is costar with men and not women, opinion issued in bad ways and which ended up costing the job. Also in the island of Lost, it was rumored that there was a black sheep neither among the cast, which fell not good nor to Hurley. He speculated it could be Evangeline Lily (Kate Austen), but at the end the blood didn't reach the river and the series was closed without too many surprises (separate intoxicated drivers) between its protagonists. An important situation of conflict of this caliber lives these days in one of the best series of the current grid: Dexter. An ugly conflict, foe…

 I will speak clear: Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, i.e., Dexter and Debra Morgan, not swallow. At least, that is what counts the printed version of the American tabloid The National Enquirer, which ensures that the filming of the sixth season has become a cold war between the two, which only speak for requirements of the script and that, once finished, repel as two equal poles. Hall and Carpenter, brothers in fiction, were married on 31 December 2008, when the actor was fighting against cancer, but less than two years later issued a statement reporting that they had decided to end their relationship of mutual agreement. Then he speculated with the future of the series, especially after rumors that approached the town Hall his companion cast in the fifth season, Julia Stiles (Lumen Pierce). This alleged relationship was refuted by both parties and the issue was paragraph until a few days ago, when came to light the alleged differences between Michael and Jennifer.

According to the same source, Carpenter has not forgiven Michael C. Hall several Affairs that took place during his marriage, so he has decided to put things difficult in the filming of the sixth season. These speculations fattened during the last Comic, which was not attended the actress who gives life to the complicated Debra Morgan. Or, that the chemistry they have brothers in fiction has nothing to do with the personal relationship of its protagonists, which speaks highly of the talent of the actors. More firewood to the fire: the week passing several media echoed that Michael C. Hall had a new girlfriend, a fifteen years younger girl named Vanessa Abrue and who works for Showtime, the chain that emits Dexter. To counter this information, a few days ago it stepped the representative of Jennifer Carpenter to deny the news of The National Enquirer and point that the friendship between the two is stronger than ever. In addition, filming the sixth season follows its course without surprises, at least public, so we also have elements to think that this story is not at all true, or directly, is a lie. And what would happen if they were really killed? To me only occur to me two options: 1) the continuous series so far, both show that they are civilized beings and adults and personal differences do not affect the filming, or a future dog; (2) Debra Morgan ends up in the famous box Dexter kept in the air conditioning as a notch in his gun that smells of death. Let us remember that Michael C. Hall is not only the protagonist of the story, but that is also one of the producers of the series, so it has all the ballots out winner of this so-called war. Not cool anything here; I sincerely hope that it not disturbs the good work of the series, which has five wonderful years. To this, entire Dexter still hires staff for the sixth season: Jordana Spiro (My Boys) will have a recurring role in the story between Dexter and the characters of Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos.Watch Dexter online for full episodes..

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