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You can see that he did not have his best year, but that has not prevented it Dexter download become the series’ most downloaded of 2011. What say about Torrentfreak, which to this peculiar list only take into account downloads made through torrents? This means that we forget about those pulling direct download (Megaupload, Fileserve) or those who see the series on platforms of payment (Netflix, Hulu), among others. With more than 3.6 million downloads per episode, Dexter assails a throne that had been divided between Heroes and Lost in the past five years.

The Showtime series can boast of having beaten to Game of Thrones, which not only was a fierce competitor as the year of its release, but because airs on a chain of payment (therefore more downloads) and because it was backed by millions of devotees around the world. Furthermore, we highlight the arrival of Breaking Bad in the top ten and the surprising appearance of Terra Nova in the eighth position. Something tells me that the next year will not be there... see the list! We said last year in this same post of 2010... Many of us that we started in this world of downloads due to Lost and Heroes, so it will be interesting to see how it behaves this list here a year. Do get Dexter occupy the first position, despite not reach three million weekly viewers? Will enter Breaking Bad or Mad Men between the chosen? Some premiere is slip in the top 10? The only secure assertion is that life remains the same. At least until 2011… Well, Breaking Bad has entered, Mad Men not (because it has not been issued, basically) and the expected patient Dexter has had its fruits. Life is not equal. After sneak three consecutive years in the top 5 downloads, the Morgan clan takes control of the universe of torrents in his more discreet season. That Yes, many wonder how long will last the Crown. I feel that Game of Thrones will begin to dominate this classification from next year. And if HBO do things just as well as in the first season, it will cost out of there...

In recent years, platforms such as Netflix or Hulu not only grow in United States, but in the entire American continent. Scheduled to reach Europe (United Kingdom) in early 2012, but so far the old continent remains that more downloads brings to this list. Here we have Netflix, Hulu, or channels that broadcast the series on pace American (although we have improved a lot), or to what fool us, wanting to pay for something we can get free. We are thus also in 2012. For the umpteenth consecutive year cable series accumulate more followers by downloads than live viewers. The Big Bang Theory remains the favorite comedy of the public, ahead once more of How I Met Your Mother. In fact, in the game of positions the list does not change too: Lost, Heroes and 24 leave their place to Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Terra Nova. And Breaking Bad beats the tenth position to Family Guy. Do some romantic believes that the fifth and last of Breaking Bad will shadow to download Dexter online, The Big Bang Theory and company? Someone is pointing to my theory that the year that comes the throne (of iron) will be for Game of Thrones? Anyone else have you entered wanting to renew your account of Megaupload?

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