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It is not easy to comment on an episode of Dexter. It is not easy to do when the series you disappointed after being your favorite for years. But trickier is still the next day, when you approach: do and now, what? Because now more of the same, with a somewhat more elaborate than his predecessors Ricochet Rabbit, but continues in this dangerously incoherent line which has entered the sixth season and calling for shouting a final. It's okay, everyone can have a bad year and Dexter has earned that right based on TENs. In addition, not everything it is lost, we always have a Debra. And can even kill Quinn, huh? Some believe that the series has definitely lost its way and thereby privileged to be considered one of the greats. Others are more cautious, or deluded, and rely on a twist of script that makeup (cannot say "fix") season. I, I've been in love with this series for five years, I am to the coldness of the numbers proposed by Manuel1 on comments, so that the stick is less painful: "the series was 10 and now is 6 or 7".
Only by their brilliant past, Dexter remains a series much richer than others that we follow every week, but that's a double-edged weapon, because although it is true that it has a comforting mattress and room for man oeuvre, it also is that the level of demand will be much greater. And the sixth season makes water everywhere. Already freed from the absurd tricks to make us believe that Gellar is still alive, the series has had the opportunity this week to focus on hunting between Dexter and Travis. The result is a much more tense and faithful to the classic structure of the series, but born flawed by errors and the fragility of script of the season. It is impossible to analyze the tenth episode without taking into account what has happened in the ninth, which allegedly contained the great revelation of this year. In any case, we have seen a new Travis, which has expanded the dramatic spectrum of Colin Hanks (good actor, loose scripts) and has given us an unexpected chapter ending and that it conforms to the traditional logical bet in this series “Unexpected" is by Wormwood, which by the way I like more chapter that Ricochet Rabbit, which pushes the series onto a new stage in which Dexter Morgan will have to disguise of Jack Bauer. The end of the master plan of Travis, his last canvas, painted with the Red of the fire and the black of the terror which would lead to a chemical attack on the Miami Police Department. This is Wormwood. And after Ricochet Rabbit, we are one step closer to Travis complies with its sacred mission. Look at the photos work these lines. I present you with… well, no idea of the names. They're a couple somewhat Raritan who lives in a beautiful house in Miami. Sure that them has been affected by the crisis, but they seem happy.
However, one day a madman are presented with at home and tells them that they have to leave everything and go with him to carry out a divine plan. And they, of course, so leave everything and will kill an innocent poor to make happy that crazy stranger. No, the entry of these two is as absurd as unnecessary. If in the previous episode, Travis discovers that works only, and it does so quite rightly said is incidentally, for what is going to recruit allies? Moreover, why do you online, if it is evident that it will leave a trail for the police? Okay, we can reach the conclusion that Professor Gellar was good in the stressful issue of being a serial killer. Then, why the death of Gellar not meant also the death of the murderer? Or Travis takes three years killing with the help of Gellar, disappears Gellar… and still killing? Not be nothing and simply bet by following the Gellar plan because it is a chosen question? Then, was Gellar, the good part or bad Travis part? The idea of introducing followers of Travis is correct as a matter of religious fervor, because police work is multiplied and overflows to Dexter, who was one of the objectives, but in this case seems more a way to Travis in the crosshairs of the police as a direct consequence of what has happened in the last few episodes. No, Travis did not need anyone to continue killing. Travis is loaded last week to a University Professor and mounted an own saw scene within an hour. And it gave him time to get to the hotel, paint a message. Now after this story you should watch Dexter online.

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