Dexter Season 7 Online Trailer

If they ask you why mole Dexter, talk to them about the originality of his history, the depth of its protagonist and the soundtrack, but don't forget to mention the great work of promotion of the series rather than give start each season. Last week we talked about the loaded with metaphors promos and today it is inevitable to refer to the posters, which does not lose charm as much as Dexter continue years. The friend Morgan appears here portrayed as Jesus Christ the day of his death, only that if there is no cross or crowns of thorns, only the blood of its victims turned into water on which walk. And that if you want to see another beater poster, know the first scene of the sixth season and enjoy a good pack of 6 × 01 images, just continue reading. How easy is sometimes being happy on your television but you can also enjoy dexter online free. Those Kinds of Things: Dexter Morgan attends a meeting of Alumni while cooking questions about the legacy of his son. Debra, meanwhile, becomes a hero by accident. To draw the first relationship between Dexter and religion will not wait too long. The sixth season starts with Dexter calling 911 because he has just received a stab on the side, reminiscent of the Holy Lance that he nailed to Jesus Christ. And I am afraid that there we jump at the beginning of this story, which in the case of 6 × 01 will be a special leap of 54 minutes. Yes, the return of God to Showtime has rewarded with some other extra minute. Who has stabbed Dexter? Will have discovered it the police? Has left rebel some of their victims?

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